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The most complete ceramic and marble installation services.
Demolition, bathrooms, and backsplash. 

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    Carlos Ayerdis | General Services LLC With more than 25 years of experience in commercial and residential construction in the state of Florida, we specialize in the renovation, remodeling of houses, offices, buildings. We have professionals in carpenteria, floors, plumbing, painting, electricity. The most complete services in Miami.

    +1 (832) 859-2068


    We Offer Qualified Home Contractors to Provide Excellent Services for You
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    Full-service demolition. Our unique combination of specialized equipment and a skilled workforce allows us to tackle any project, large or small.

    Tile and Marble Installation

    If you would like to get marble tile installed we can help. Our company can take care of all your needs.

    * Professional Tile Services
    * Fast Response Time
    * Marble Tile Installation
    * Marble Tile Flooring Installation
    * Marble Tile Backsplash Installation
    * Bathroom Tile Installation
    * Shower Tile Installation
    * Many Options are Available
    * Residential and Commercial Service

    Large and small projects

    If you are looking for a remodeling contractor in Miami, you have come to the right place.  

    Home remodeling projects in Miami can provide a significant boost in improving both your living space as well as the value of your home. It can often make your home more energy-efficient while making it more comfortable and attractive.

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